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PTC - Small Diamond Crowns (6 - 10mm)

Ultimate durability for small diameter holes in porcelain tiles For producing fixing holes in the h..

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PTC - Large Diamond Crowns (13 - 58mm)

The Solution to Durability and Extended Life for Large Diameter Drilling 13 – 58mm  ..

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PTC - Carbide Tipped Porcelain Tile Drill Bits

The fastest, simplest solution for small diameter holes - simply push, cool and drill Purpose Des..

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PTC - Tile Drilling Accessories

Everything required to ensure our tile drilling systems are driven, cooled and accurately located &..

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Diamond Grit Tile Drills

Provides an excellent balance between speed of cut & durability Stubby Body Design Stubb..

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Soft Tile Drill Bits

Perfect for softer tile drilling and more occasional hole drilling in tile Soft Tile Drills are ide..

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Twister Impact Rated 1/4" Hex Masonry Drill Bits

Designed for optimum performance is impact drivers Armeg’s new Twister masonry drill bits are..

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Tile Cutting Blades & Accessories

The most popular sizes for cutting tiles available in two performance levels PTC Diamond Blades Th..

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16 Piece Twister Drilling Set

 Perfect for tradesmen using impact drivers      Includes Armeg's premium b..

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