About Armeg.

Since 1973, Armeg has been designing and manufacturing performance quality power tool drilling accessories for professionals. In our time we’ve made real advances in drilling, and today innovation and quality remain at the heart of our business. It’s what makes our power tool accessories perform.

We’ve been designing and making for over 45 years, so our factory is home to real experience. Everything we make is the product not only of quality materials, or rigorous quality control, but true expertise, insight and knowledge. Over the years, we’ve created products that have revolutionised the way professionals work, such as the electrical box sinker, the world’s first square-hole drill. And it’s that sort of innovation that demonstrates the vision and focus for Armeg: to serve the professionals who rely on our products with a simple promise – to use our expertise to help them perform, always.  

Our History


The company was formed in 1973 by two brothers, Andrew and Michael Green, who had been working locally within the industry. By bringing their initials together, the name ‘Armeg’ was born. 


We embarked on exporting with Australia being our first international market.


At the height of the 80’s we were granted the SDS Plus Hammer drill bit license by Bosch.


The company was bought out, going into the new millennium with a new management team, comprising of Mark Goodison and current sole MD, John Mowthorpe.


Tile drilling was changed forever when we revolutionised the market with the launch of ‘PTC’, the first ‘point & push’ carbide drill bit capable of drilling grade 5 porcelain tiles.


We joined the prestigious ‘Made in Sheffield’ organization.


Symbolising our dedication to continuous quality improvement, we became ISO 9001 accredited.


Mark Goodison retired from the business leaving John Mowthorpe as sole Managing Director
and majority shareholder.


Striving For Smarter

Our passion is for smarter products that push the boundaries of what is possible, to help professionals really perform. We want to innovate in a way that saves you time, money and effort, and rewards with precision and performance.

We are dedicated to innovative design and our R&D team is always strengthening our collection of ground-breaking product innovations.

The Team

At the heart of the business is our team, and our team approach has been integral to our growth. Across the business, we work together, designing and manufacturing Armeg’s tools and accessories under one roof. Sometimes we get the kind of project that reminds us why teamwork really matters, like the rapid turnaround requirement for 64 kilos of 2m-long SDS bespoke drill bits for delivery to Malta. It wouldn’t have been possible without the kind of expertise and team spirit that’s second nature to us.

Built in Quality

Quality is integral at every stage in the process, allowing us to provide the consistency our customers rely on. We ensure our products are manufactured and engineered to the highest standards using technically robust designs and the best appropriate materials. That’s why our products are used globally, including on prestigious projects such as the Cairo International Airport Terminal Three Project. 

Strive for the best quality tools for your business