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  • The SDS Plus Scutch Comb Chisel is the perfect choice for general electricians preparation work in masonry
  • The hammer action chisel is purpose designed for masonry dressing, levelling uneven masonry surfaces and forming channels / back box holes etc
  • 40mm wide and 25mm wide versions available
  • The 25mm chisel is ideal for applications such as intricate work, working in tight spaces and producing narrower channels in walls
  • Designed for use in SDS Plus machines with roto-stop facility

Can be used in

  • General concrete
  • Soft bricks
  • Lightweight mortar
  • Limestone
  • Constructional granite
  • Natural stone
  • Hard bricks
  • Heavy duty concrete 


Description Overall Length mm Part Number  

Scutch Comb Chisel - for 40mm Combs 

Uses SCCO combs

200 G150B4SCH

40mm Scutch Comb

Fits directly into G150B4SCH Chisel

40mm Scutch Comb - pack of 5 - SCCOX5

Scutch Comb Chisel - for 25mm Combs

Uses SCCO1 combs

200 G150B4SCH1
25mm Scutch Comb - SCCO1
25mm Scutch Comb - pack of 5 - SCCO1X5

Usage Information

Prior to using chisels, please ensure your machine has the ‘chisel only’ function as they are designed to be used on this function only.

Before using the chisel, please ensure the chuck shank is thoroughly lubricated.

For use in heavy duty concrete, general concrete, hard bricks, soft bricks, lightweight block, natural stone, constructional granite, limestone, mortar.

Minimal force should be applied when being used.

After using the product continuously for 10-15 minutes the chisel must be removed from the chuck and allowed to cool at room temperature. Never try to accelerate cooling of shanks by dipping in water as this can cause thermal shock, crack the chisel and cause early failure.

Lubrication must be re-applied before re-using. Products can fail on the shank due to temperature build up of 200°C.

Misuse of the product will decrease the maximum time usage significantly. Shank failure due to temperature build up is not warranted.


  • It is necessary to try and keep all Scutch Comb teeth in contact with the material being chiselled to avoid the comb being levered out of the holder 
  • SDS Plus shanks should be greased prior to and during use. This reduces heat build-up which reduces wear on the chisel and on the machine 
  • Prior to using chisel, please ensure your machine has the 'chisel only' function as they are designed to be used on this function only 

Material Chart


Machine Recommendations

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