Mortar Raking Chisel - Carbide Tipped

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  • Ideal for removing stubborn mortar in difficult to reach places 
  • Purpose designed to not "dive-in" to mortar lines, but effectively chisel away stubborn mortar
  • The cranked shaft allows for both chiselling into corners and also vertical chiselling.
  • Great for applications such as chiselling behind down-pipes and close up to door and window frames for a neat finish without damage
  • Manufactured with tungsten carbide tips for extended life
  • Minimises chance of brick damage.
  • Designed for use in SDS Plus machines with roto-stop facility



Description Blade Width mm Overall Length mm Part Number  
Mortar Raking Chisel - Carbide Tipped 6 185 G175B4MRC6


Usage Information


Maximum Contact Time - never use your chisel for longer than than 10 continuous minutes of
chiselling and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes between periods of use. If products are not used
in accordance with these time limits then chisels may fail. If products are not allowed to cool they are
more prone to failure due to temperature embrittlement and then the product will not be warrantable.


Helpful Tip - if longer mortar raking contact is required, it is recommended that at least 2 chisels are
bought and used in rotation i.e. allowing one chisel to cool whilst using a different, completely cooled
chisel. Never try to accelerate cooling of shanks by dipping in water as this can cause thermal shock,
crack the chisel and cause early failure.


Lubrication - ensure your product is permanently lubricated using the SDS+ machine manufacturers
recommended / supplied grease. Ensure grease is re-applied after each period of use. If products are
not well lubricated / greased then your warranty may be invalidated.


Application - this product is principally recommended for raking out mortar in vertical mortar joints,
working behind obstacles such as drain pipes and for carefully removing mortar close to doors, windows
etc (anywhere it is not practicle to use a diamond blade). It is not recommended for mortar raking long
runs of mortar, longer than 1m in one pass, due to the potential for failure caused by excessive contact


Worn Chisels - using any tool or chisel beyond its useful life will cause unnecessary load and strain on a product. This chisel will not perform properly once its useful life has been exceeded and continuing to use the chisel may result in product failure. Any failed product which has signs of use beyond its useful life will not be warrantable. Please contact Armeg Ltd for a full technical fact sheet, which details visual examples of used chisels that are either acceptable or not acceptable to continue to use based on product wear.



  • SDS Plus shanks should be greased prior to and during use. This reduces heat build-up which reduces wear on the chisel and the machine
  • Prior to using chisels, please ensure your machine has the 'chisel only' function as they are designed to be used on this function only 

Material Chart


Machine Recommendations

Click the link below to view the technical data sheet




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