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Perfect for deep hole drilling in a wide range of diameters

SDS Plus and Hexagon shank wood augers incorporate ground and sharpened combination cutting edges that produce fast, clean and accurate holes.

  • Precision ground back tapered flute prevents drill from jamming in holes and provides easy tool removal
  • Thin body core with deep flutes allows greater removal of wood chips
  • The ‘In Flute’ is steam tempered to provide a smooth finish which allows rapid removal of wood chips and faster drilling
  • Precision machined ‘spur’ scores the outline of the hole into the wood, helping the bit to stay true and produce clean holes with minimal break through
  • Screw tip pulls the auger through the wood for added ease of use and minimal user effort

Wood Augers can be used in:

  • Hardwoods
  • Softwoods
  • Veneered chipboard
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard

Wood Augers are ideal when:

  • Producing holes in timber from 6-32mm
  • Cable or pipe passage through joists 

Wood Auger Drill Bits - SDS Plus Shank

Size mm

Length mm

Length mm

Part Number  
8 205 125 WS08.0X205
10 205 125 WS10.0X205
12 205 125 WS12.0X205
12 400 360 WS12.0X400
16 205 125 WS16.0X205
16 400 360 WS16.0X400
20 205 125 WS20.0X205
22 205 125 WS22.0X205
22 400 360 WS22.0X400
25 205 125 WS25.0X205


Wood Auger Drill Bits - Hexagon Shank

Size mm

Length mm

Length mm

Part Number  
6 235 160 WH06.0X235
8 235 160 WH08.0X235
10 235 160 WH10.0X235
10 450 380 WH10.0X450
12 235 160 WH12.0X235
12 450 380 WH12.0X450
13 235 160 WH13.0X235
16 235 160 WH16.0X235
16 450 380 WH16.0X450
18 235 160 WH16.0X235
20 100 65 WH20.0X100
20 235 160 WH20.0X235
20 450 380 WH20.0X450
22 235 160 WH22.0X235
22 450 380 WH22.0X450
25 155 110 WH25.0X155
25 235 160 WH25.0X235
25 450 380 WH25.0X450
32 155 110 WH32.0X155
32 235 160 WH32.0X235


  • Our Wood Augers are available in a variety of lengths ranging from 100mm to 450mm 


Operation Speed Chart 


Size mm

Softwood RPM Hardwood RPM
6 - 10 2000 1500
11 - 15 1500 1250
16 - 20 1250 1000
21 - 25 1000 750
26 - 32 750 50


Material Chart


Machine Recommendations

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