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Perfect for drilling in reinforced concrete when hole location is fixed

Developed from years of drill bit manufacturing experience, the R1-Rebar Cutter is a tungsten carbide tipped hollow core cutter designed for drilling through reinforcing bars in concrete 

  • Precision Machined Clearways Provides a clear route for spoil evacuation, allowing Rebar to cut fresh material for longer tool life
  • Water Cooling System Hollow body design enables the use of a water cooling system which flushes away excess spoil and cools the drilling head for increased tool life
  • Broad Cutting Head Purpose designed cutting head is broader than the tool body. Creates clearance as the tool progresses to avoid binding and jamming in the hole
  • Machined Spanner Flats Machined spanner flats on Rebar Cutter and accessories aid quick and easy disconnection of the system
  • Carbide Tipped Cutter Ultra hard wear resistant carbide tips provide tool durability
  • Tri-Ground Geometry Carbide tips are purposely manufactured with three sharp precision grinds designed to rapidly cut through steel rebar 

Rebar can be used in: 

  • Reinforcing steel bar  

Rebar is ideal for: 

  • A problem solving solution for drilling through reinforced concrete when the hole location is fixed 




Diameter Size mm Overall Length mm Working Length mm Part Number  
16 100 65 CR16
18 100 65 CR18
20 100 65 CR20
25 100 65 CR25


Description Diameter Size mm Overall Length mm Working Length mm Part Number  
Extension rod for drive adaptor 16 220 210 CREXT
SDS Plus drive adaptor for rebar cutters SDS Plus drive shank - - CRSDSAD
Water Feed Pressure Pump - - - PTCWFKIT




Operating Guidelines

The R1 is a rotary tool that requires continuous water cooling at the point of contact with masonry/steel. The SDS Plus drive system has an in-built water delivery system that ensures a constant flow of water at the drilling head.

Drill with an SDS Plus bit until rebar is hit (the machine note will suddenly change and drilling progress will stop).

Remove the SDS Plus drill bit from the machine and turn off hammer action.

Select the required diameter of R1 rebar cutter and carefully screw on the the drive adaptor to avoid crossing the threads.

Where the depth of the hole is greater than 100mm connect the extension bar (CREXT) in between the R1 cutter and drive adaptor.

Always ensure that the diameter of R1 cutter chosen is the same as the SDS Plus drill bit being used when rebar was hit.

Insert the assembly into the SDS Plus machine and carefully guide the cutter assembly into the hole-cutting head first. The R1 cutter should stop when it locates on the rebar.

Connect the water feed connect pipe to a suitable pressure pump unit (Armeg part no. PTCWFKIT is recomended) and insert into the water feed adaptor inlet aperture.

Release the water flow and commence drilling rotary only.

A recommended drilling speed of 900rpm is ideal, operating at speeds in excess of this will reduce the life of your product.

Standing above and in line with the tool / machine exert pressure by pushing on the tool and increase that pressure until metal chips / debris are seen in the water. At this point sufficient pressure is being applied.

Ensure water is constantly flowing to the drilling head.

When the Rebar has been cut stop drilling with the R1 system.

Insert the SDS Plus drill bit back in the machine and continue drilling to the required depth with rotary & hammer action.

Machine & Materials

The R1 system is designed to be driven by a minimum 3kg 600w SDS Plus hammer with hammer stop.
Always turn off the hammer action prior to drilling with the R1 cutter.
The R1 is only designed to be used once rebar has been hit with traditional SDS Plus hammer drill bits.
Do not attempt to drill only through concrete / masonry materials with the R1 as this will severely limit the life of the tool. Once a reinforcing bar has been drilled remove the R1 cutter (and any rebar slug inside the R1) and
continue to drill with a conventional SDS Plus hammer drill bit.

Tips & Techniques

Spanner flats are machined on both the drive adaptor and R1 cutters to allow the parts to be disconnected.
Look for metal flakes or chips in the water being evacuated from the hole being drilled. If they are seen this is a positive sign that metal is being drilled and progress is being made.
The life of your R1 cutter can vary widely. Depending on machine condition, cooling, percentage of steel v concrete being drilled, type of aggregate etc. The average number of holes drilled before the tool is worn out can vary between 1 and 20.
When damaged tips are seen, the R1 has reached the end of its useful life.
When penetration rates slow to less than 50% of original speeds the R1 has reached the end of its useful life.


Your R1 rebar cutter is protected by a manufacturers guarantee against faulty parts or faults during the manufacturer process. Cracked or chipped tips are a normal occurrence when life is exceeded and are not a cause for complaint under warranty.


Always ensure Rebar Drill Bits are water cooled - use Armeg's water cooling system (PTCWFKIT) 

Recommended Speed

Recommended speed for Rebar is largely governed by the power tool itself. This is because it is designed to be used in power tools where in the majority of cases there is no facility to regulate the speed. If used in a machine where speed regulation is possible, a general recommendation is the larger the diameter of the drill bit being used, the slower the speed. 

Machine Recommendations




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