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Everything required to ensure our tile drilling systems are driven, cooled and accurately located


 Water Delivery System

All PTC tools utilise Armeg's water feed pressure pump to ensure an effective and continuous flow of water to the cutting edge


PTC - Large Diamond Crown Drilling Accessories & Water Delivery

Features an integral attachment which the Water Feed Pressure Pump Pipe slots into. Water coolant is then driven internally to the Large Diamond Crown and directly to the cutting edge


Description Technical Information Part Number  
PTC Water Feed Pump  


Water Feed Unit

Suitable for all diameters of PTC Small Diamond Crown and Diamond Grit Tile Drill

PTC Driver Adaptor (13 - 58mm Crowns)

Drive adaptor for PTC Diamond Crown Drills 13 - 58mm


User Instructions 

PTC Water Feed Pump


  • Unscrew and remove the pressure pump handle.
  • Fill the bottle with desired water or coolant mix.
  • Ensure not to fill bottle above maximum capacity level (approx 4/5 full).
  • Replace the pump handle and tighten to seal.


  • Operate the handle up and down to pressurise the bottle.
  • One pump of the handle is usually sufficient for most drilling operations.
  • Excessive pressure caused by unnecessary pumping of the handle results in large amounts of water being used.
  • If used with Armeg’s rebar drilling system more pressure is required before and during drilling.

Attachment to water feed adaptor

  • Insert open end of wand into the push-fit fitting of the relevant water feed adaptor until secure.
  • In the case of drill bits that do not require a water feed adaptor, the angled nozzle should be used to aim a jet directly at the cutting edge.


  • To begin spraying, press down trigger. Release of trigger will stop spraying.
  • To begin constant spraying, press down trigger and push forward. Pull trigger backwards to stop constant flow.

Removal from water feed adaptor

  • Compress collar on water feed adaptor push-fit fitting and pull out wand.

After use

  • Release the pressure in the tank by pulling up the release valve.
  • Empty excess fluid.
  • In the case of coolant use, dispose of any excess coolant in the manner stated by the manufacturer.


  • Store in a dry airy location.
  • Ensure it is completely empty if it is to be stored in freezing conditions.


1 or 2 pumps on the Water Feed Pump handle should be sufficient for most applications and should avoid excessive amounts of water being used.


Water Feed Unit - Suitable for all diameters of PTC Small Diamond Crown and Diamond Grit Tile Drill


PTC Drive Adaptor - To be used in conjunction with PTC Diamond Crown Drills 13 - 58mm

  • Screw the desired crown onto the water feed adaptor. Tightly secure in the chuck of the power tool. Push the tube from the pressure sprayer (Part Number PTCWFKIT) into the fitting on the water feed sprayer.
  • With all the components assembled, place the guide rod into the 8mm hole in the tile. Open the water connection to allow water flow continuously.










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