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The Solution to Durability and Extended Life for Large Diameter Drilling 13 – 58mm 

  • Made in Sheffield.
  • Thin wall continuous diamond crown hollow core design for fast efficient cutting and extended life.
  • Perfect combination of diamond grade and precision manufacturing provides exceptional product strength and massively enhanced tool life.
  • Can be used in corded and cordless drills.
  • To be used in conjunction with water feed adaptor (PTCPAD) and Water Feed Kit (PTCWFKIT) which is a purpose designed water delivery system for crown cooling and efficient spoil removal.
  • The PTC cooling system helps to prevent the cracking of tile sometimes caused by dry cut systems, overheating tiles.
  • The PTCPAD drive adaptor with integral pilot pin fits securely in an 8mm pilot hole* for accurate and ‘clean’ cut large diameter holes. *Ideally drilled with an 8mm PTC Diamond Crown PTC08.0CRM.


  • Large Body Fixings and drop in anchors – 13 to 19mm
  • Copper Pipes – 15 – 22mm
  • Waste Pipes – 32, 40 and 52mm





Size mm

Overall Length


Working Length


Max. Recommended 

Tile Thickness

Part Number  
13 40 21-25 21-25 (wear) PTC13CR
19 40 21-25 21-25 (wear) PTC19CR
26 40 21-25 21-25 (wear) PTC26CR
36 40 21-25 21-25 (wear) PTC36CR
44 40 21-25 21-25 (wear) PTC44CR
58 40 21-25 21-25 (wear) PTC58CR

User Instructions

  • Drill an 8mm hole in the tile using a PTC carbide or small diameter PTC crown at the centre position of your intended larger hole.
  • Extend this hole behind the tile into the substrate using the relevant drill bit (dependant on material). The guide pin of the water feed adaptor needs to travel beyond the tile to enable full depth cutting.
  • Screw the desired crown (selected from the chart above) onto the water feed adaptor. Tightly secure in the chuck of the power tool. Push the tube from the pressure sprayer into the fitting on the water feed sprayer.
  • With all the components assembled, place the guide rod into the 8mm hole in the tile. Open the water connection to allow water flow continuously.
  • Begin drilling optimum speed range (700-900 r.p.m).
  • Accurate holes can be drilled by using the crown assembly perpendicular to the tile. By introducing a slight rocking motion, time of drilling is reduced and tile cores are easier to remove from the crown.
  • As soon as the PTC crown has broken through the tile, stop drilling. Switch tools to a masonry/SDS Plus/ core drill to produce the hole required beneath the tile.

Tips and Techniques

  • When drilling a loose tile, the tile must be supported across its entire area on something perfectly flat that isn’t going to damage the cutting edges of the drills e.g. piece of flat wood, mdf, chipboard etc.
  • If possible, clamp loose tiles to prevent possible movement on breakthrough. Movement of the tile can cause large diameter drills to “grab” which could cause personal injury or cracked tiles.
  • When drilling with PTC diamond drills close to the edge of a tile, the advised “rocking” motion of the drill should be minimised to reduce the risk of levering the edge of the tile off near to the hole.
  • Tile cores can be pushed backwards into a hollow chamber in the drill.
  • After several holes it may be necessary to remove these cores. Unscrew the crown from the adaptor utilising the spanner flats and shake out the cores before screwing it back onto the adaptor.

To remove a wedged tile core from the PTC large diameter crown

  • Place two spanners over the spanner flats on the PTC large diameter crown and adaptor. Turn in opposite directions to unlock the assembly then continue to unscrew the crown from the adaptor by hand.
  • Using an appropriate blunt instrument, gently tap out the tile core from the crown by inserting through the threaded hole and tapping lightly until the tile core comes free.
  • Always remove the tile core from the crown  before drilling additional holes. Failure to do this may result in damage to the PTC large diameter crown.


Crown Diameter Pipe Size
13mm 10mm feed
19mm 15mm feed
26mm 22mm feed
36mm 32mm (1 1/4”) waste
44mm 40mm (1 1/2”) waste
58mm 50mm (2”) waste



Please ensure that the following safety guidelines are adhered to at all times when using or handling the PTC drill bit

  • Wear suitable eye protection at all times during assembley and operation.
  • Safety gloves should be worn at all times.
  • Ear defenders should be worn whilst drilling.
  • Whenever the drill is not in use, ensure that the power is turned off.
  • Wear a dust mask whilst drilling.
  • Use an RCD device if using an electric power tool.

Water Cooling

Always use a constant flow of water to the cutting edges of PTC products. This reduces heat build-up and washes away the abrasive porcelain dust.

Please go to PTC - Tile Drilling Accessories for the best water delivery methods.


The PTC drill bit has been primarily designed for use in hard fired, vitreous porcelain tiles, however the drill bit will perform in a variety of other materials such as: -

Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, granite, marble, clay tiles.

Due to the vast range of different grades and hardness of available tiles, the PTC will perform at different levels. As a general rule, the harder, more dense and abrasive the tile, the slower it will be to drill the tile and the fewer number of holes will be produced.

PEI Tile Rating Scale

Class 0 Decorative use only, not recommended for use on floors.

Class I  Light traffic, for residential bathroom floors, no direct outside access.

Class III Medium to heavy traffic, all residential application. Commercial applications which are similar in traffic to residential applications. Specifically excepted, are areas of prevalent circulation or turning points.

Class IV Heavy traffic, all residential and most commercial applications such as the area of halls, hotels, restuarants, supermarkets, shops and schools.

Class V Extra heavy traffic, all residential areas and commercial applications similar to Class IV where extra  durability may be required. Commercial usage, industrial applications.

Speeds/Machine Types/Drilling Modes

The optimum operating speed for the drill bit is 700-900 rpm. Using PTC diamond crowns above this speed range will cause water starvation at the cutting edge, overheating and possible failure of the product. Using the crowns at a slower speed has no detrimental effect but will slow down the cutting process resulting in more water being used.

PTC products are designed to be used in rotary mode only. DO NOT use hammer/impact mode.

Material Chart

Machine Recommendations

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