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The convenient, value option for fast & economical holes

  • Ground centre-point centres the drill bit for a secure non-slip start
  • Precision ground, transverse cutting edges rapidly cut whilst simultaneously lifting debris from the cutting edge for rapid drilling and longer life
  • Raised spurs score the wood in advance of the cutting edge allowing it to cut more easily and effectively which gives users a faster, more comfortable drilling experience 
  • Back tapered drilling head avoids jamming in holes for smooth and hassle free drilling
  • ¼” Quick-Change shank is manufactured to ISO 1173-2001 for hassle free bit changes 


Flat Wood Bits can be used in:

  • Veneered Chipboard
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard
  • Hardwoods
  • Softwoods




Flat Wood Drill Bits

Diameter Size mm

Overall  Length mm

Working Length mm

Part Number  
10 152 112 WF10.0X160
12 152 112 WF12.0X160
13 152 112 WF13.0X160
16 152 112 WF16.0X160
18 152 112 WF18.0X160
19 152 112 WF19.0X160
20 152 112 WF20.0X160
22 152 112 WF22.0X160
25 152 112 WF25.0X160
26 152 112 WF26.0X160
28 152 112 WF28.0X160
30 152 112 WF30.0X160
32 152 112 WF32.0X160
38 152 112 WF38.0X160


Description Set Contents Part Number  
6 Piece Flat Wood Drill Bit Set 13 / 16 / 20 / 22 / 25 / 32mm WF6SET

This product is not impact rated and we do not advise using in impact drivers. The quick-change extension we recommend to be used with this product is impact rated and can be used with any of our Twister impact rated products in an impact driver. However, if using with Flat Wood Bits we advise against using in an impact driver and instead use in an alternative 3 jaw chuck machine on rotary only.



  • Withdrawing frequently during the drilling process can speed up the drilling rates by helping to clear the spoil from the hole. 


Operation Speed Chart 

Diameter Size mm

Softwood Hardwood
6 - 13 2000 1500
14 - 25 1750 1500
26 - 38 1500 1000



Material Chart


Machine Recommendations

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