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The ultimate in accuracy of cut and cleanliness of breakout

  • Our Dry Diamond Core Drills offer a quick, clean and economical way to drill soft abrasive materials such as standard facing bricks and concrete building blocks.
  • Dust Relief Slots help the dust escape and not become trapped in between the barrel and material which will improve performance
  • 130mm Throat is designed for deep core drilling, with the ability to core through a standard brick in one action – no need to stop and break out the core
  • Designed with the optimum segment configuration as the segments sit in balance with the body and give relief internally and externally. This results in smoother and more accurate cutting and helps material core removal
  • Laser welded segments create a stronger bond between tip and barrel resulting in increased core durability in extreme drilling conditions
  • Industry segment heights can be as low as 7mm wheras Armeg Dry Diamond Cores are designed with 9mm segments to increase product life.
  • Designed with a high concentration of diamond grit within the segment structure, allowing the Cores to be used on ‘rotary only’ for cleaner exit holes, improved performance and product life 


Dry Diamond Core Drills can be used in: 

  • General concrete
  • Soft bricks
  • Lightweight blocks
  • Natural stone
  • Limestone
  • Ideally suited to lightweight building materials, ordinary facing brickwork and block-work up to 10n/mm2  



Diameter Size mm

Overall Length mm

Working Length mm

Part Number  
22 345 300 CDD022LS

28 345 300 CDD028LS
38 150 130 CDD038
48 150 130 CDD048
52 150 130 CDD052
65 150 130 CDD065
78 150 130 CDD078
107 150 130 CDD107
117 150 130 CDD117
127 150 130 CDD127
152 150 130 CDD152


5 Piece Set

Description Set Contents Part Number

5 Piece Dry Diamond
Core Drill Set

42 / 52 / 65 / 117 / 127mm Cores

SDS Plus to 1/2" BSP Adaptor,
Hexagon to 1/2" BSP Adaptor,
200mm 1/2" BSP extension,
400mm masonry pilot drill,
225mm A-Taper Giude Rod,
Extractor Drift



Dry Diamond Core Drill Accessories

Diameter Size mm

Overall Length mm

Part Number  
10mm A-Taper guide rod 225 9A10.0X225GR
10mm A-Taper pilot drill 225 A10.0X225QS

10mm A-Taper pilot drill 300 A10.0X300QS
10mm A-Taper pilot drill 400 A10.0X400QS
10mm A-Taper pilot drill 250 A13.0X250


Description Shank Type Thread Type Working
Length mm
Part Number  

Hex to 1/2" BSP
Adaptor -
70mm long

1/2" BSP 70 D070HEXBSP1/2

SDS Plus to 1/2"
BSP Adaptor
115mm long
SDS Plus 1/2" BSP 115 D115B4BSP1/2

SDS Plus to 1/2" BSP
Adaptor 250mm long
SDS Plus 1/2" BSP 250 D250SDSBSP1/2

1/2 BSP to 1/2
BSP Extension -
200mm long
1/2" BSP (f) 1/2" BSP 200 D2001/2BSPEXT

Extractor Drift - - - DDR

Connection Diagram


For optimum performance and perfect results use any rotary drill with a minimum drive power of 850 watts. The machine should also be capable of speeds up to 3000rpm and have variable speed control and a slipping clutch. 

Safety and Operation Guidelines


  • Drill a pilot hole in the wall first with a 10mm masonry bit.
  • Use an 850 watt (minimum) rotary drill with a slipping clutch and variable speed control.
  • Locate the 10mm A-taper guide rod down through the core and push fit the guide rod into the adaptor.
  • Make sure the chuck is tight.
  • Clear the debris at regular intervals, as build-up of dust leads to ineffi cient drilling and can result in overheating, excessive clutch wear and possible loss of segments.
  • Use the machine between 350 and 3000 rpm.
  • The harder the material and larger the diameter of the core, slower the rpm.
  • The softer the material and smaller the diameter of the core, higher the rpm.
  • Faster rotational speeds do not always mean better material penetration - please refer to the operation speed chart below.
  • Rotate the core drill whenever entering or removing from the hole.
  • Keep the machine level.
  • Reduce pressure if the bit starts to vibrate.


  • Drill concrete.
  • Use hammer action when drilling with a diamond core drill.
  • Force the core - let it do the work. This prolongs the life and reduces the chance of failure.
  • Make long, continuous drilling motions without clearing the debris.
  • Let excessive heat be generated at the drilling edge.


  • Whenever possible use a dedicated dry diamond core drilling machine.
  • While SDS Plus machines can be used, most can only rev up to 1200 rpm which means reduced drive power and slower drilling speeds compared to dedicated dry diamond drilling machines. 
  • Using SDS plus machines for dry diamond drilling increases the risk of product damage and exposure to hand arm vibration. 
  • Do not use the SDS Plus adaptor with the 117 and 127mm cores.
  • These diameters are beyond the capability of SDS Plus machines - adaptor and machine damage could occur.
  • If adaptors should fail whilst drilling with these cores then they will not be warrantable.


  • It is advisable to drill a pilot hole first with a masonry bit and then core using a guide rod assembled in the adaptor 
  • Our 1/2" BSP Accessories are compatible with all 1/2" BSP threaded core drills 

Operation Speed Chart

Dimension Size mm Recommended Running Speed RPM
22 3000
28 2380
38 1760
42 1600
48 1400
52 1280
65 1030
78 860
107 625
117 570
127 520
152 440
  • Speed may be adjusted to suit site conditions
  • Increasing drill speed (rpm) when drilling abrasive materials will prolong the core drills life
  • Decrease the drill speed to prevent overheating when drilling harder materials
  • Machine type and material are the controlling factors to life and speed of core. Ultimately machine and operator determine the overall performance 

Material Chart


Machine Recommendations 


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