Adjustable Hole Cutter (40mm - 200mm)

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The flexible tool for creating downlighter holes

Adjustable hole cutter is the ultimate tool in flexibility and can create holes in Veneer, Plywood, Wood Board, Plaster Board and Acrylic.

The adjustable width blades illustrate this flexibility with a cutting diameter ranging from 40 - 203mm which in turn reduces the need to carry a holesaw for every size making it the cost effective solution to creating large diameter holes.

The product also provides protection from falling debris making it a more efficient and hassle-free drilling experience. The large diameter holes can be perfect for applications such as downlighters, fans, vents and speaker apertures. 

  • 2 Adjustable HSS Cutting Blades Adjustable cutting blades can be altered to cut a variety of diameters from 40 – 203mm for the ultimate flexibility. Also reduces the need to  carry a holesaw for every size, making it the cost effective solution to creating large diameter holes
  • Impact Resistant Dust Collection Unit Provides protection from falling debris when drilling vertically upwards for added user comfort and a safer, hassle-free drilling experience.
  • Soft Grip Support Ring Silicone support ring grips to the surface to prevent slippage when drilling for accurate and clean holes.
  • Depth Control Mechanism The adjusting nut and compression spring mechanism provides depth control allowing you to reduce the drilling depth as required to avoid potential strikes with hidden objects.




Description Technical / Product Detail Part Number  
Adjustable Hole Cutter (40mm - 200mm) Operates from 40 - 203mm AHC40-200

User Instructions

Set both cutting blades on blade holders tightly and correctly as shown in figure A. Figure B & C are incorrect.

To adjust the size locate the inner edges of the blade holders against the size graduation. For example number “40” for a 1 9/16” (40mm) diameter hole.

Set 2 blade holders at the desired graduation on the measure bar by the screws using the hexagon wrench.

When boring, if possible, place a piece of timber on the underside of material to be bored and clamp or stand on it to prevent movement. This reduces “grab” on breakthrough. Start boring, placing the pilot drill at the centre of the desired hole. Ensure blades contact material gradually to prevent shock loading and potential “grab”.

When deep boring - 1” (25mm) up to a maximum - 1 7/8” (46mm) is desired, use the hole cutter from one side of the timber, and then start boring again from the other side until the cutting blades bore a through hole making a doughnut shaped disc, as shown in figure 1, 2, 3.


Diameter range: 1 9/16” (40mm) - 8” (203mm)

Thickness range: 1/8” (3mm) - 1 7/8” (46mm)

Materials that can be bored - Veneer, Plywood, Wood Board, Plaster Board & Acrylic.

For cutting round holes in ceilings, walls & floors.


Support base steadies the drill bit while cutting and keeps the cut perpendicular to the surface.

Transparent cowl prevents chips from flying into eyes while cutting.

Compression spring absorbs vibration while cutting.

Cutting depth can be set via adjusting nut and compression spring.

Cutting diameter is set via adjustable cutting blades.

Cutter can be used with any variable speed drill.


Be sure to check all the screws are tight before you start boring.

Firmly secure both sides of cutting objects. Care must be taken to avoid live wires & pipes etc.

When assembling or adjusting please be careful of sharp edges. 


Ensure blades contact material gradually to prevent shock loading and potential 'grab'. 

Operation Speed Chart 

Diameter Size mm Speed RPM
40 - 49 800
50 - 69 600
70 - 89 400
90 - 119 200
120 - 203 100


Direction of Use


Machine Recommendations



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