8 Piece Hand Tool Kit

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A stylish and durable Tool Tote complete with a range of popular hand tools

18" Tool Tote

  • Removable cover for flexibility and versatility. Open lid provides easy tool access, closed lid keeps tools clean and dry
  • Square shaped waterproof base keeps the bag upright and stable, easy to clean any oil spillages
  • Numerous internal and external pockets, elastic tabs for screwdrivers, plus a large internal storage area, provide the ultimate in tool storage on the move
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfort
  • Heavy duty stainless steel handle with ergonomic padded grip makes lifting secure and comfortable
  • Made out of 1680D Polyester, an extremely robust and durable material

VDE Diagonal Side Cutters

  • Induction hardened for durable sharp edges

VDE Combination Pliers

  • Induction hardened for toughness and durability

16oz Claw Hammer

  • One piece chrome vanadium for strength

5m Tape Measure

  • Nylon coated steel tape for durability

Retractable Utility Knife

  • Soft grip and non-slip handle

Utility Knife Blades

  • High carbon steel blades

Description Contents Part Number  
8 Piece Hand Tool Kit

1 x 18" Tool Tote

1 x 160mm VDE
Diagonal Side Cutters

1 x 200mm VDE High Leverage
Diagonal Side Cutters

1 x 200mm VDE
Combination Pliers

1 x 200mm VDE Long Nose
Combination Pliers

1 x 5m Tape Measure

1 x 16oz Claw Hammer

1 x Retractable Utility Knife

1 x Utility Knife Blades
- 5 pack



For a perfectly rolled up cover, roll up tightly  with the silver side exposed, and apply to velcro straps.

Tags: DHTBAG001, DHTB001, DDBB001, Bag, Waterproof base, Pockets, Shoulder strap, Polyester


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