13 Piece Fully Loaded VDE Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

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The most comprehensive Switch-Blade set available.
Features all 3 Switch-Blade VDE rated handles along with 9 VDE Switch-Blades which can all be interchanged to create 27 drive options.

The set includes the VDE Adjustable Torque Screwdriver which is perfect for tightening to an installations required torque. Comply with regulation BS7671 by ensuring that mains and individual MCB & RCD connections are tightened to the required torque recommended by the manufacturer. 

All handles feature a secure blade auto-lock mechanism to provide safe working whilst the quick-release system allows rapid blade changes.

VDE Torque Screwdriver

  • The torque can be adjusted and set between 1-6Nm as required. The wide torque range provides increased versatility for different manufacturers requirements
  • Designed to +/- 6% tolerance for accuracy of torque settings
  • Audible clicking sound allows users to hear and feel when the correct torque has been reached
  • Distinctive white markings allow users to quickly identify and adjust torque levels
  • Conforms to EN ISO 6789:2003 and comes with an individual certificate of calibration

 VDE T-Handle

  • Ergonomic T-Shape design provides more powerful leverage for high torque loosening and tightening

VDE Handle

  • Perfect for versatility and convenience


All handles and blades are 1000V VDE rated, GS Approved and comply with IEC 60900 for confidence and safety when working on live installations.



Description Contents Part Number  

13 Piece Fully Loaded
VDE Adjustable

Torque Screwdriver Set

1 x 1000V VDE Adjustable
Torque Screwdriver Handle 

1 x Torque Adjuster

1 x Calibration Certificate

1 x 1000V VDE Interchangeable
Screwdriver Handle

1 x 1000V VDE
Interchangeable T-Handle

9 x 1000V VDE
Interchangeable Blades

(1 x PZ1, PZ2,
Plus / Minus 1 - PZ/SL,
Plus / Minus 2 - PZ/SL,
SL3.5, SL4.0, SL5.5,
Hex 3mm Hex 4mm)


User Instructions - 1000V VDE Adjustable Torque Screwdriver 

  1. Insert Switch-Blade into handle making sure hexagon end locates correctly
  2. Push completely in until audible “click” is heard
  3. To release the Switch-Blade, turn the locking ring in the direction of the unlock symbol and pull the Switch-Blade from the handle

  1. Using the Torque Adjusting tool, turn the graduated dial until the desired torque setting is in line with the arrow
  2. It should be set to the manufacturers recommended torque setting for the component or installation being installed



  • Our Torque Screwdriver has to be calibrated either every 12 months or 5000 'clicks' (whichever comes first). To maximise usage before calibration, ensure you only click once when you have tightened your screw to the required torque.
  • Keep and use your Torque Handle at an ambient temperature of 18°C to 28ºC
  • Ensure your torque handle does not deviate from perpendicular by more than 5%
  • Always select the correct blade for the screw
  • Ensure a positive location of the blade in both handle and screw
  • When using torque settings between 1 - 2.5Nm it is good practive to turn the screwdriver slowly when approaching the set torque limit
  • When using torque settings between 2.6 - 6Nm it is good practice to approach the set torque limit in a brisk manner
  • Store your Torque Handle at the lowest torque setting after use

Please note:

The Armeg Switch-Blade VDE range should only be used on live installations by those persons trained in such instances. To maintain the VDE rating of the tools, only Armeg VDE interchangeable screwdriver blades should be used within the Armeg Switch-Blade handles. A positive connection between blade and handle should be ensured.
Before use, the tools insulation should be checked for any damage. The VDE integrity cannot be guaranteed if the insulation is damaged in any way. If in doubt, replace the component in question.

Due to the technical nature of the tool and to ensure long-term compliance with torque setting legislation, please refer and adhere to this policy on re-calibration.

  • All Armeg’s Switch-Blade Torque handles are designed and manufactured in accordance to, and comply with, ISO 6789:2003
  • As such, they are checked and certified to operate within a +/- 6% tolerance of the set / desired torque level.
  • After extended use, it is prudent to have your Switch-Blade Torque Handle checked and re-calibrated.
  • In accordance with ISO 6789:2003, Armeg recommends that after either 5000 uses or 12 months (which ever comes sooner) your Switch-Blade handle is checked and re-calibrated.
  • The first calibration should be 12 months from the date of purchase (or 5000 clicks, whichever comes sooner), not the date as found on the Calibration Certificate. Please retain the purchase receipt, alongside the Calibration Certificate for future reference.
  • There are many specialist companies that offer this service, but please ensure that they work to, and comply with, the standards established in ISO 6789:2003.
  • A torque calibration tool is available from Armeg Ltd to recognised specialist calibration companies upon their request.

User Instructions - 1000V VDE Interchangeable Screwdriver Handle

  1. Insert Switch-Blade into handle making sure hexagon end locates correctly.
  2. Push completely in until audible "click" is heard.
  3. To release Switch-Blade press unlock button and pull Switch-Blade from handle.

User Instructions - 1000V VDE Interchangeable T-Handle

  1. Insert Switch-Blade into handle making sure hexagon end locates correctly.
  2. Push completely in until audible "click" is heard.
  3. To release Switch-Blade turn the locking ring in the direction of the unlock symbol and pull the Switch-Blade from the handle.

Safety Guaranteed

  • 1000V Rated
  • VDE/Gs Approved
  • IEC 60900






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