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Drill easy fix holes in solid boards in under a minute

Armeg’s Solid Board Cutter provides users with a simple and easy solution for drilling access holes in solid board flooring – no need for interjoist sawing.

When used together with Armeg’s removable solid plug caps, this product produces a neat access hole which lies flush with the floor and allows re-entry for future access requirements.  

  • Rapidly creating a 111mm diameter hole in under one minute, the Solid Board Cutter features 8% Cobalt HSS tipped teeth for durability, lasting at least 100% longer than a standard bi-metallic holesaw.
  • A precision manufactured depth-stop ring and HSS rebating cutters allow SBC caps to precisely locate in the flooring for a neat finish with 100% accuracy.
  • SBC can be used in flooring grade chipboard up to 22mm thick. 

SBC is ideal when creating holes for: 

  • Running cables under floors for rewires / installations.
  • Access above down-lighters during installation or maintenance.
  • Access when running pipework under flooring.
  • General work where access to the floor void under solid flooring is required.



Description Contents Part Number  
111mm Plug Set

1 x 111mm Cobalt Solid Board Cutter

3 x 111mm Plugs



Please follow these operating tips when using your SBC Cutter

  1. Wear safety goggles, safety gloves, ear defenders and dust mask when drilling.
  2. Use correct arbor for your machine type (SDS Plus or hexagon shank).
  3. SBC is for use in flooring grade chipboard up to 22mm thick. Not recommended for use in floorboards.
  4. Do not use with hammer action.
  5. As with all large holesaws it is recommended to use a machine with a slipping clutch.
  6. Recommended speed is 900 r.p.m.
  7. Use forward rotation only, not reverse.
  8. Avoid nails, screws etc.
  9. It is recommended to use a plumbing/electrical location device to check for services in area to be drilled.
  10. Fit correct arbor for your machine to SBC by screwing in as far as it will go, then backing off just enough to line arbor pins up with holes in SBC. Turn knurled ring on arbor to locate pins into SBC.
  11. Drill board using downwards pressure, keep SBC perpendicular to surface. Full depth is achieved when the stop ring forms a score on the board.
  12. Remove waste section of flooring from SBC before commencing another hole.
  13. Remove any trapped pieces of wood from cutting edges before commencing another hole.
  14. Under floor work can now be carried out through the formed hole.
  15. The plastic cap should be used to plug holes.
  16. It is not necesary to use any adhesive with the cap. The rebate and floor covering will hold in position. Repeat access is then very easy. 


When using in waterproof boards, if it is required to maintain the integrity of the board, it is advisable to seal around the edges of the rebated cap with silicone sealant or similar.


SBC can be used with standard holesaw adaptors with a 5/8" - 18 UNF thread. Try the Hex Shank (part no. CHD32-64HEX) or the SDS Plus Shank (part no. CHD32-64SDS). 

Operation Speed Chart 

Diameter Size mm Recommended RPM
111mm 900
127mm 900


Machine Recommendations




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