10 x 300mm Cable Guide "Mini" Rod Set

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Perfect for extreme tensile strength and user comfort when cable guiding

Cable Guide Rods are ideal for routing cables through conduit, cavities, under floors, over suspended ceilings etc.

  • 8 point crimped fittings present an extremely strong bond to rods providing 100kg tensile strength and increased durability
  • Designed for increased user comfort when routing, the rods have an anti-abrasive finish for a smoother touch
  • 4mm diameter rods provide  extreme flexibility, perfect for  pulling wires through acute and tight angles
  • 6mm ‘slim fit’ designed fittings provide accessibility through smaller holes 



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10 x 300mm Cable Guide "Mini" Rod Set

10 x 300mm rods

1 x nylon flexi

1 x mini-eye

1 x mini-hook



We recommend the use of gloves when using and handling Armeg’s Cable-Guide Sets.

Although our rods are produced to exacting standards using a mixture of fibreglass and resin, in some cases fibreglass can be a mild irritant to certain skin types.

If any itching or redness is observed after using the rod sets then please wash the affected area thoroughly. Consult a doctor should the condition be observed for longer than 48 hours.

Due to the nature of fibreglass and the exacting standards that our rods are produced under, we do not recommend that any repairs be carried out on damaged rods.


Obstructions – if rods become snagged or trapped then a gentle whipping or jumping motion in the rod can often free the blockage. Alternatively a “push & pull” type action can often free the rod.

Sometimes a rotated rod can also help smooth cable routing – if rods are rotated then please ensure they are turned in a clockwise motion which keeps the fittings tightly screwed together.

Your rod set is supplied with a number of accessories to help secure cables and wires to the rods please select the accessory best suited to the job in hand. The small clear flexi-lead is ideal for accessing tight 90° angle bends.

If access holes need to be drilled, then ideally they should be drilled at the same angle you want the rod to pass through. This will ease the passage of the rod and potentially avoid snagging.

Try to avoid simply yanking or applying excessive forces on the rods

When connecting rods, fully thread the two fittings together, ensuring they are completely mated – there should be no visible gaps between the two fittings.

Regularly clean / remove debris from your fittings to ensure a secure and safe connection. Fittings and threads do not require lubrication.

Maximum Bend Radius

A maximum bend radius of approximately 220mm is recommended for joined rods. Connected shorter rods have the same radius but with increased stiffness due to the greater number of joined fittings.

If rods are over-extended and bent beyond their capabilities, they may show signs of cracking / splintering or end fittings being damaged. If this is observed, then please discard the affected rod and do not use it again.


All Armeg Cable-Guide Rods are guaranteed against faulty manufacture and should provide you with hours of hassle free cable & wire routing.

Please observe the usage tips above as failure to do so and / or abusing your rods may invalidate your warranty.

Armeg Ltd reserves the right to periodically alter designs and specifications. 


If a rod becomes snagged or trapped try:-

  1. A gentle whipping or jumping motion
  2. A 'push and pull' action
  3. Rotating the rod - ensure it is rotated clockwise to prevent it becoming unscrewed


 When connecting rods, ensure they are completely mated. There should be no visible gaps between the fittings



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